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  • Eco-Excursion to Haleji and Keenjhar Lakes - Karachi, 20 Jan, 2016: In order to create environmental awareness among youth, Nature Care Concern (NCC) organized a one-day eco-excursion to Haleji and Keenjhar Lakes in Thatta district. A total of 56 students from Bayview High School, Karachi... More →
  • Hingol National Park Jaunt - Karachi, 20December:NCC organized a one day exposure visit for Karachi-based professionals to Hingol National Park (HNP) on 20December 2016.HNPpark is located at the distance of 220 kilometres from Karachi and took around 3 and half hours to reach... More →

about us

aboutus-photosVision: Promoting human prosperity in harmony with nature

Mission: Creating a society which cares nature for promoting prosperity and peace among nature beings 


  • Cultivation of nature stewardship in youth with outdoor education and ecotourism
  • Conservation of natural heritage of Pakistan
  • Building of community resilience to climate change
  • Promotion of sustainable livelihoods with efficient natural resources use and provision of alternative opportunities

Nature Care Concern (NCC) is a not-for-profit environmental organization, established in 2006 under voluntary social welfare agencies ordinance 1961 by a dedicated team of conservationists, agriculturists, rural development professionals and anthropologists. NCC envisages Human Prosperity in Harmony with Natureby cultivating nature stewardship and developing skills of local communities struggling for the conservation of natural heritage in coherence with sustainable livelihoods.

What does NCC do?

NCCs has primarily four thematic programs i.e. (i) youth nature stewardship, (ii) conservation of natural heritage, (iii) climate change adaptation and (iv) sustainable livelihoods. Under ‘Youth Nature Stewardship’, NCC strives towards spreading environmental education among youth through adventure oriented outdoor education activities. Youth have been organized in the form of a group called Youth Nature Corps (YNC). YNC consists young environmental stewards who are engaged in smart conservation initiatives under an innovative campaign “a green hour zest (AGHAZ)’’.

NCC’s approach for the ‘Conservation of Natural Heritage’ is integrated and community oriented. NCC strives to conserve biodiversity including fauna and flora and the ecosystems which constitute a whole Ecoregion. NCC has prioritized Indus Ecoregion and its adjoining ecosystems for conservation initiatives.

NCC has a definite vision and approach to address issue of ‘Climate Change’. It has formulated 3-tier approach which links changes at micro, meso and macro levels in an effort to synchronize community aspirations with decisions of policy makers. This is an integrated approach which also focuses to develop grass-root level climate change adaptation plans for affected local communities.

NCC believes that the human footprints on ecology can efficiently be reduced through integrated initiatives towards the promotion of environmentally ‘Sustainable Alternative Livelihoods’. The program focuses climate smart agricultures, natural resource based community entrepreneurship, community based ecotourism, alternative energy, water and ecological sanitation and skill development. NCC believes that the provision of alternative livelihoods options will increase community resilience towards climate change impacts and in turn will certainly bring positive changes in their lifestyle and ecosystem.

In support to the core programs, NCC promotes community managed eco-tourism as a tool for sustainable conservation of natural and cultural heritage and viable alternative livelihoods for local communities. NCC offers amazing eco-expeditions for various target groups particularly youth and students, provide them opportunities to get in close contact with nature and adopt green lifestyle through Wilderness Camping, Eco-adventure excursions to National Parks, Creeks & Coral Islands, Desert Camel Safari, Marine Turtle and Dolphin Watch, Mangrove Backwater and Indus Dolphin Boat Safari, Bird Watch, Nature Study and Scouting Expeditions among others.

NCC has carried out various voluntary environmental awareness and conservation initiatives under its AGHAZ campaign which are listed below:

  1. Survey on ecological status of Commiphorawightiiin Karoonjhar mountain range, Pakistan;
  2. Vegetation assessment (phytosociological study) of  different habitats of Nagar Parkar, Pakistan;
  3. Nature study wilderness camps, marine turtle and dolphin watch activities, eco-adventure expedition to national parks and Ramsar wetlands, desert safaris, nature art competitions, commemoration events on significant environmental days and awareness and tree plantation campaigns;
  4. Development of Ecotourism plans for Hingol National Park, Chotiari Wetlands Complex and Thar Desert, Pakistan;
  5. Demonstration of pitcher irrigation and backyard gardening in desert regions;
  6. Capacity building of 500 youth from deprived communities in construction of low-cost Bio-sand Water Filters for access to potable drinking water;
  7. Facilitated Farmer Field Schools in demonstration of water efficient irrigation systems, land management and reclamation and bio-fertilizer;
  8. Development of information, education and communication (IEC) material on environmental themes and sustainable agriculture and published various articles on different environmental issues in media.

It is a high time that youth should come forward and contribute towards environmental awareness and conservation in Pakistan. This would indeed make a great positive impact in the society.