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  • Eco-Excursion to Haleji and Keenjhar Lakes - Karachi, 20 Jan, 2016: In order to create environmental awareness among youth, Nature Care Concern (NCC) organized a one-day eco-excursion to Haleji and Keenjhar Lakes in Thatta district. A total of 56 students from Bayview High School, Karachi... More →
  • Hingol National Park Jaunt - Karachi, 20December:NCC organized a one day exposure visit for Karachi-based professionals to Hingol National Park (HNP) on 20December 2016.HNPpark is located at the distance of 220 kilometres from Karachi and took around 3 and half hours to reach... More →

Conservation of Natural Heritage

Conservation of Natural HeritagePakistan is primarily an arid country spanning over nine ecological zones. The landscape of Pakistan is, however, known for its diversity as the topography varies significantly from region to region. The country is blessed with rich biodiversity of fauna and flora with a variety of natural features that include wetlands, streams, forests, rangelands, mountains, deserts, agricultural lands, deltas, islands, sea and the significant geological formations, habitats and important corridors for wildlife. The country encounters many environmental problems which includes, water resource depletion, land degradation, wildlife habitat destruction, extinction of species, shrinking of delta & sea intrusion, deforestation, desertification, increased pollution, weather warming, erratic rainfall and extreme climatic events.

Natural Heritage Conservation is the primary thematic area of NCC. Our conservation approach is integrated and community based, focusing fauna and flora biodiversity and the ecosystems upon which they depend and form Ecoregion. NCC has prioritized Indus Ecoregion and its adjoining ecosystems for the conservation initiatives. The major components of conservation work are the i) community mobilization and institutional capacity building at national, regional and local level to promote local stewardship of the natural resources, ii) local community-led natural resource management and rehabilitation, iii) research, survey and documentation, and iv) promotion and monitoring of sustainable natural resource use.

Core Areas of Interventions

  • Management and protection of natural resources and ecosystems;
  • Conservation of threatened species (flora and fauna);
  • Prevention of pollution and carbon footprints;
  • Integrated water resource management and water stewardship;
  • Sustainable agriculture and agro-forestry;
  • Environmental monitoring and research for sustainable planning, policy input and development;
  • Natural disaster emergency response