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  • Eco-Excursion to Haleji and Keenjhar Lakes - Karachi, 20 Jan, 2016: In order to create environmental awareness among youth, Nature Care Concern (NCC) organized a one-day eco-excursion to Haleji and Keenjhar Lakes in Thatta district. A total of 56 students from Bayview High School, Karachi... More →
  • Hingol National Park Jaunt - Karachi, 20December:NCC organized a one day exposure visit for Karachi-based professionals to Hingol National Park (HNP) on 20December 2016.HNPpark is located at the distance of 220 kilometres from Karachi and took around 3 and half hours to reach... More →

Eco-Souvenir Shop

Generating Funds Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow

The Eco-Souvenir is a yield of our natural resource based community enterprise initiative, aimed to empower natural resource user communities (especially women) with skills for alternative livelihood.  The funds raised with the sale of Eco-Souvenirs are delicately utilized for the community based natural resource conservation initiatives in Pakistan.