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  • Eco-Excursion to Haleji and Keenjhar Lakes - Karachi, 20 Jan, 2016: In order to create environmental awareness among youth, Nature Care Concern (NCC) organized a one-day eco-excursion to Haleji and Keenjhar Lakes in Thatta district. A total of 56 students from Bayview High School, Karachi... More →
  • Hingol National Park Jaunt - Karachi, 20December:NCC organized a one day exposure visit for Karachi-based professionals to Hingol National Park (HNP) on 20December 2016.HNPpark is located at the distance of 220 kilometres from Karachi and took around 3 and half hours to reach... More →

Ecotourism Initiative

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the rational use of social-ecological systems present in diverse ecoregions around the world. This reflects the progressive individual and collective awareness regarding the sustainable use of natural and economic wealth of these potential areas.With this connection, Ecotourism is becoming a fast growing industry in most of the countries of the world to promote the local natural heritage sites, unique ecology, and history. Ecotourism provides viable alternative livelihood opportunities for the local people and help in  promotion  of  effective  management  of  existing  natural  resources  of  the  area. It also contributes in building community and ecosystem resilience to climate change.Pakistan is amongst one of those few blessed countries which have great potential of ecotourism with diverse natural destination starts from coast to glaciers. The Ecotourism Initiative of NCC is envisaged as a tool to get the people connect with nature and become Nature Stewards. Ecotourism Initiative provides the people an opportunity for healthy recreation/adventure with learning about the ecological, cultural, historical and archeology characteristics of unique ecosystems in Pakistan while preserving the integrity of those natural destinations and fortifying the economic development opportunities in local communities. It is a complete ecotourism programme driven by the community wherein local people improve their capacity to sustainably use ecological and social capital through organized action and enhance their level of participation in development and nature conservation process.

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